Click on image to enlarge coupon

There is no claim action required from customer to claim the coupon.
Customer has to enter personal data to receive discount!
Customer has to share the coupon on facebook to receive discount.
Customer has to connect with Facebook before he can receive his discount.
Basic coupon with social login. The client need to login to proceed.
Basic scratch&win coupon, win chances are set to 50% but with 5 retries.
Example 30% discount coupon for a restaurant on business menu's only.
Example coupon for a pizzeria. This example uses the UNLOCK overlay.
Scratch&win coupon with multiple prizes and custom images.
Example coupon for hair salon. This example uses 3 different salon locations.
Example for a fast food restaurant. This coupons uses the UNLOCK overlay
You can add this example coupon to apple passbook. Very easy to use.
This example coupon has a gift unlock layout and the scissors coupon style.
Coupon for pizzeria with a facebook social login and striped unlock layout.
Basic scratch&win coupon with a template layout from our database.
Basic scratch&win with a match 4 icons to win a prize.
Example coupon with a gift scratcher. This wil reveal a gift for you!
Basic scratch&win with a match 3 icons to win a prize.