How can my clients claim my mobile coupons?

For every coupon layout you have created you can specify what action is needed from the client to receive the discount.

No Action Required.

Client can claim his or her discount coupon without any action needed. This will result in more claims but less data/interaction from client.

Data Capture.

The client needs to enter data to claim his or her discount.
You can specify which data fields you want to ask from the client (example: name, phone, email, gender, ...)
All data will be stored to the database and can be used for remarketing. With data capture you can fill or complete your clients database.

Share On Facebook.

Clients need to share the coupon on facebook to obtain the discount. This will give viral marketing for your coupon.

Install An App.

Clients need to install an app to obtain the discount. After this claim, clients can proceed with the coupon. You can specify the apps for iOS, Android or Windows phones.

Enter Promo Code.

Clients need to enter a promotional code to obtain the discount. The correct code triggers the coupon claim. The promotional code can be combined with the ‘data capture’ claim method to collect client data.

Custom Claim Method.

We can offer custom claim methods.
We can redirect the claim page to another software or webpage. (example: for GFK Belgium we created a mobile coupon and put a survey as claim method. A completed survey resulted into a claimed coupon.)