Are you looking for a crossmedia mobile coupon distribution company?

Coupontools is an all-in-one marketing software and has integrated mobile coupon distribution methods.
You don't need to invest in email marketing software, sms (texting) software, social media advertising, banner design etc.
Coupontools offers you 1 crossmedia platform for all your coupon marketing needs!

How to distribute mobile coupons to my customers phone?

Mobile devices are quickly growing in popularity as a way to distribute coupons since they are in nearly everyone's hands, especially while out shopping or traveling. Increase coupon redemptions and traffic to your business with mobile coupons.
We offer 1 solution for all popular distribution channels: email, sms (texting), social media, websites, apps, ibeacons, NFC tags,…

Our mobile coupon software distribution methods explained:


You can connect our software with newsletter software and Distribute coupons to your customers by newsletter software.

SMS (texting)

You can connect our software with sms suppliers to send your coupons by sms to your customers.

Social media

You can put the coupons on facebook tabs or put them on your facebook wall to distribute coupons with social media.

In apps or mobile websites

Developers can add coupons to a mobile website to enrich their app/website with digital coupons.

QR codes

For printable advertisings you can create QR codes to link to the coupons.

NFC tags

It's possible to buy NFC tags and connect these NFC tags to our coupons. Phones with NFC can hold the phone close to the NFC tag to load the discount coupon.

Wifi networks

Use your WIFI network to Distribute coupons! Give people WIFI access and redirect them to a webpage with mobile coupon promotions.


IBeacon, from Apple, is a proximity awareness feature in some of the newer iPhones and iPads. The IBeacon can trigger a reaction in the user's iPhone or iPad to which they can respond via an app.

Coupon directory script

Our digital coupon directory script let you create your own (mobile) couponbook in minutes and host it on your own domain.