It's possible to export all captured coupon data to excel.
You can use this data for further analysis or re-marketing.
All captured coupon data is automatic saved to 'my database'.
You can create 1 coupon for collecting data (e.g. customers name and email address; and later when you have a special promotion send another coupon offer to the captured database.
The advantage of Coupontools is that we offer a complete crossmedia marketing tool. Eg. distribute the first coupon on facebook to capture customers data, and send another coupon promotion by email or sms.
One system for all your crossmedia coupon distribution !

Mobile coupon statistics

Our coupon software gives advanced live reporting about the distributed coupons. You can monitor your mobile marketing campaign real-time.

Redemption rates

You have insights into statistics about scans, claims and validations.
You are able to see exact how many scans, validations and claims, on which day, week and month.

Location based advertising

We also provide details about the location of the scanner based on their phones GPS or IP address.
You are able to see on Google maps where your customers scanned the coupons.

Generated turnover

The coupon data can be connected to the 'money spent' value.
You are able to see in details how much money your customers spent in your store by using our mobile discount coupons.