How can my customers save the coupons they have received on their phones?

In our coupon software you can specify which save options the customer has for his or her coupon.
We offer these save solutions:

Save To Email.

The coupon can be sent to email and stored in the customers mailbox. The saved email contains an image from the coupon and a direct link to the online coupon.

Save To Image.

The coupon can be saved as an image on the customers phone. Images can always be opened, even without mobile internet.

Add To Homescreen.

IOS users can save the coupon to their homescreen.
A homescreen link is much easier to find then an email or a saved image. They can re-open the coupon very easy with 1 click.

Print Coupon.

Mobile coupons are the future but not everybody has a smartphone yet. With this option the customer can print his coupon for non digital use. This gives people without mobile internet or smartphones also the possibility to use these coupons in stores.

Save To Passbook.

The coupon can be saved to Apple Passbook.