Mobile Coupon Validation - How Does Our Coupon Validation Work?

Why should I validate the coupons?

  • Prevent customers from using the coupon more then once.
  • Statistics: how many coupons distributed, claimed and validated.
  • Customer data: which customer used which discount coupon(s).
     Mobile coupon redemption is an important step in your business. Coupontools has different validation methods so every kind of business can validate the coupons. When a customer scans a coupon or received a coupon this digital coupon has an unique code. With our validation options it is possible to validate the coupon and check if it is already used. We offer advanced integration methods (POS API) and basic methods (validation widget, on mobile device validation, QR code validation). That enables any sized business the capability of collecting important redemption data for improved targeting and measuring campaign results
     Our system records and tracks all redeemed coupons, who redeemed the coupon, redemption date and more. And you can easily get these reports through our reporting tool.

How does Coupontools validate mobile coupons?

     Coupontools is a revolutionary mobile marketing platform that integrates seamlessly with almost any Point of Sale system to enable fast and secure redemption of mobile coupons. Currently, the major roadblocks to mobile coupons involve redemption at the point-of-sale. Existing coupon solutions have not addressed this issue, and as a result they require specialized equipment, they do not prevent fraud, and they do not track consumer redemption data.

What validations options can I add to a coupon?

     In our coupon software you can specify which validation options the coupon has. We offer these validation solutions:

Unique coupon code validation.

Validate mobile coupon codes with our validation widget. Our widget runs on any smartphone, tablet or PC and requires no installation. After validation the coupon will expire. The widget also has options to save personal data from your customer to the database.

Barcode validation.

Connect your POS system with our mobile coupons by integrating our API. By scanning our coupons with embedded barcodes you will be able to redeem and track mobile coupons in real-time. The POS system connects to our system to check if the coupon is valid by connecting to our JSON API. You are able to choose from multiple Barcode standards like EAN 8 (7 digits) , EAN-13 (12 digits) or UCPA (11 digits).

QR code validation.

Every mobile device (phone or tablet) with a camera and QR scanner can be used as validation system. At validation, the cashier scans a QR Code on the clients mobile phone or print during checkout. Scanning the QR Code generates a page to be displayed on the cashier mobile device, that releases the coupon validation. At the same time, the client's mobile phone shows the 'processing' of the validation, and when the offer has been redeemed, the coupon shows a 'redeemed' mark, and it will no longer be valid.

On Mobile Device Verification Validation.

Validate the coupon on the phone from your customer. Let the customer proceed to validation and enter a PIN code. The validation will work on the customers phone. (this option does not work for printable coupons)

Use Your Own Validation Codes

We offer a solution where you can work with your own validation codes.
You are able to import your own coupon validation codes and our system will display it on the validation page.