Social media couponing and digital coupon integration

Social media campaigns are more cost-effective than traditional methods.
The offer of a coupon will entice consumers to like and share a Facebook page and build brand awareness rapidly in ways that old print media campaigns simply could not. With Facebook advertising you can target the coupons to show only to the customers location, age, gender and interests you want to target.

Marketing, Social Coupons and Why They're Important

What is a social coupon, exactly? On Facebook, it's a "coupon that businesses can share to the news feed, and that users can bring to brick-and-mortar stores for redemptions." Up until now, however, it's been completely siloed from other marketing efforts.

For retailers and ecommerce companies specifically, bringing social coupons to the marketing platform allows marketing teams to actually assign value to Facebook "likes" and determine their most engaged buyers who are both Facebook fans and opted in to other programs. If you know these folks are not only interacting with you on Facebook, but also making purchases via coupons and offers posted there, you can create tailored, automated campaigns to engage them even further.

Social Couponing and Marketing Technology

For marketers everywhere, connecting customer behaviors across channels is more important than ever. In this age of the customer, blanket, batch and blast messages no longer resonate with buyers - they are just another communication lost in the clutter. Today's marketers must connect behaviors from their customers' habits across channels to deliver the most targeted messages possible.

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